.01 Merchant Pass Software

This lightweight suite of tools was designed specifically for the local Chambers and non-profits who manage their ski area/ski resort Merchant and Employee Season Passes.

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.02 How It Works

  1. Your local merchant/business member has a login through which they may reserve, purchase, transfer or cancel their employee passes. All orders and passholders are easily reviewed for management and tax purposes.
  2. Your ski area/ski resort partner receives instant email notifications on every pass order and transfer, and may log in to their tools to manage passes and merchants.
  3. You, as the program manager, add members and control access to the benefit your organization provides.
  4. You may let the process run and take care of itself, or you may enable/disable pass purchases, review orders, make transfers and much more.
  5. The portal and the emails carry your branding. It's a visible, compelling membership benefit.

  1. The tools become your local hub through which businesses manage their use of your merchant pass program year after year.
  2. They add simplicity and value to your membership programs, while minimizing the time you spend managing the pass and enrollment demands.
  3. They minimize the time the merchants spend managing their employee passes.
  4. They minimize the time the resort spends verifying and fulfilling the passes.
  5. And, they simplify your communications with the area or resort. You have a common tool to use and refer to.

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Pricing and Contact Info

.03 Pricing

We will prepare an estimate for free. The estimates are based on a 1-time setup fee + an annual plan for hosting, upgrades and support.

Setup includes importing all of your qualified current members, customizing the reservation, application and/or purchase process, Zoom training on the tools for the chamber and the resort, and more.

  1. Typically, with resort agreement, you may simply cover the software licensing cost through the area's gross merchant pass revenue, or through a transaction fee on each pass.
  2. Any credit card or ACH processing fees are separate.

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The Process

Each install is highly customized based on chamber, merchant and ski area ticket office needs. You will have a direct relationship with the software developer, not a helpline or support queue.

You will no longer need any PDF forms, to renew annual program eligibility, or to keep Terms Agreements on file. The system does all of this digitally.

Please ask questions or propose ideas. Each town has a unique approach to serving its employee pass needs.

Thanks for your time, hope to hear from you.

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